‘Seussical’ hits the stage at EG Wahlstrom this week

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Students from E.G. Wahlstrom will be taking to the stage to perform ‘Seussical’ a musical twist on some of the Dr. Seuss classic children’s stories.
Andrea Avery a Drama and Grade 4 teacher at E.G. Wahlstrom School, says this is her third year directing a production for the E.G. Wahlstrom Drama Club.
“Drama is my passion,” she says “I am a self-proclaimed drama queen.”
Avery has a minor in theatre studies and has been involved in plays backstage and onstage for most of her life.
With E.G. Wahlstrom Avery helped students put on ‘High School Musical Junior’, ‘Willy Wonka Kids’, as well as some Robert Munsch plays and various improv and musical numbers. She says drama is so important for kids and helps build many 21st century skills, such as collaboration and teamwork, creativity and imagination, problem-solving, literacy, leadership, communication skills, and initiative.
It is hard to do a musical, but it is do-able with the right people says, Avery.
“I am fortunate to have so many people who are willing to help.”
Avery says she has no musical abilities, so staff members Darcy Lewis and Erica Bakewell take care of all the choreography and singing training. Mary Beauregard does all the costumes.
Jordan Nahamko, a student from Roland Michener Secondary School, also helps in all areas of acting and music.
Avery says leading so many kids would be impossible without the help of many parents, community volunteers, and staff members who give up their time and energy to supervise the students throughout rehearsals. She says they even help advertise and feed the kids, so they have energy to perform.
“It takes a village to raise a child… but it takes a whole town to put on a show.”
Avery says she decided on the musical ‘Seussical’ because it seemed like a fun show with lots of catchy songs and interesting characters. She says the kids are loving how over-the-top their characters are and how fast and silly the songs can be.
As for how ready they are, Avery says she has never been part of a show where she has felt fully prepared. Despite that, the kids are excited to show off what they’ve been working hard on for the past six months.
The show is April 18 and April 19 at E.G. Wahlstrom School gym at 6:00 p.m. doors open at 5:30 p.m.
Admission is ‘pay what you can.’
“We are so excited for our show to hit the stage and we hope that the town comes out and supports our endeavours,” says Avery. “Tell your friends, tell your family, tell your neighbours, tell everyone.”

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