Shadow tag and physical distancing dance fun at day-camp

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

In Stage 2 of the Alberta Relaunch, dance studios can hold classes indoors with restrictions. They also have the option of offering day camps.

Dance Creations was going to offer full-day day camps for the first time this summer, says owner Jennifer Hansen. However, with the COVID-19 restrictions, this was reduced to half-days. The first camp runs July 27 to 31. There are plans for a second in August. This will include dance, outside activities, rock hiding and finding, arts and crafts, and games like charades and shadow tag.

Shadow tag is a social distancing type of tag, says Hansen. Instead of touching the other person to tag them, the kids will catch each others’ shadows.

With planning the camps, Hansen is “keeping distance in mind,” so “having to get a little bit creative.” The goal with the day camps is to keep the kids “moving, active, and having fun the whole time.”

Dance Creations stopped regular classes in mid-March. This was just the beginning of the competitive dance festival season. Before Stage 1, in mid-May, Dance Creations had some online classes. Over the summer, they are offering a one-hour outdoor or online dance class, depending on the weather.

While the details aren’t ready yet, Dance Creations also hopes to have a summer intensive course.

As the dancers have been off since March 15, says Hansen, the ‘intensive’ is so the dancers can “get dancing again and ready for the fall.”

According to Facebook, the other dance studio in Slave Lake, Dancin’ Kids, finished its 2019/2020 season on May 21.

There is also a non-profit dance association in Slave Lake, the Slave Lake Ukrainian Cultural Society.

Ukrainian dance isn’t offering summer dance classes because the instructor had a prior commitment, says association president Nadene Holloway, but it hopes to start up in the fall. Studio rental space permitting. Until mid-August, it is offering discounted dance fees.

Overall, this summer in Slave Lake there will be fewer summer camps. Some may still be in the works, but many have been cancelled.

For example, the Town of Slave Lake’s Summer Splash is cancelled. Also, the Slave Lake Regional Arts Council has decided to cancel ‘[email protected]’ – it’s summer day camp.

Other groups are offering alternatives to day camps. For example, the Lesser Slave Lake Forest Education society is offering family field trips. (See June 17 Leader article ‘Forest Ed society offers family field-trips’).

Dance Creation students practice a ‘grand jeté’ at Sinclair Ball Diamond in Slave Lake.

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