Shining faces, rosy futures: a glimpse at the RMS grads

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Roland Michener Senior Secondary School dispatched 69 graduates into the post-high school world on June 30. The Leader was there and took some photos, just one of which found a place in the July 4 edition of the paper.
This week we expand the coverage, with more photos and the names of scholarship winners. Also provided by the school is a list of the top performers in each subject among Grade 12 students in the 2016/17 school year.
First the scholarships:
Tyler Emes (Engineering at MacEwan University) was the biggest winner, taking home five scholarships – the Amethyst Capital Leaders of Tomorrow, the Jamie Lukan Memorial, Oilwives Club of Slave Lake, Slave Lake Petroleum and Slave Lake Pulp Bursary.
Campbell Rea (U of A Engineering) received four scholarships – Jamie Lukan Memorial, Landon Persson Memorial, Robert Jensen Memorial and Slave Lake Pulp Bursary.
Kourtnee Burnett (Anthropology at Mount Royal) was the recipient of scholarships from the Rotary Club of Slave Lake and the Slave Lake Petroleum Association.
Winning the Alberta Teachers’ Association and Maureen MacDonald Scholarships was Kennedy Lukan (Education at MacEwan).
Hunter Lacombe (Carpentry at SAIT) won the Kinettes Scholarship and Megan Currie (History at MacEwan) won a Slave Lake Pulp Bursary.
Winning one of three $1,000 Slave Lake Legacy Scholarships was Keira Zanbak (Digital Media and IT at NAIT). The other two went St. Francis of Assisi grad Alexa Hendricks and former RMS grad Jayden Adams.
Subject awards, for the student (or students) with the top mark:
Campbell Rea – Biology 30, Physics 30, Math 30 -1, Math 31 and Industrial Education.
Joel Girard – Chemistry 30. Keira Zanbak – Science 30, Art 30.
Eunice Aguilar – Math 30-2.
Shaelynn Potts – Math 30-3
Kourtnee Burnett – English 30-1, Social Studies 30-1.
Michael Vance – Social Studies 30-2.
Bryony Roe – French 30.
Kennedy Lukan – Physical Education 30.
Vaughn Beaulieu-Mercredi – Instrumental Music 30.
Aerin Gauthier, Meagan Currie, Cidney MacPherson-Lagace – Art 30.
Jade Ost – Drama.
Dylan Leroux – Industrial Education 30.
Hunter Lacombe – Hockey.
Samantha Scott – Cosmetology.
And finally, winning the Governor General’s Academic Medal was Campbell Rea.

Scholarship winners, left to righ: Tyler Emes, Kourtnee Burnett, Kennedy Lukan, Campbell Rea, Hunter Lacombe, Keira Zanbak, Meagan Currie.


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