Shock to the system can be helpful

There’s nothing like a sudden, drastic change in circumstances to shake things up and help you realize a few ‘home truths’ (as they say).

Suddenly you get a chance to find out what’s really important to you. Not to put popular social media on par with a natural disaster, but last week when Facebook disappeared for a few hours, it was a shock to the system for a lot of people.

‘OMG! What do I do now??!!’ That sort of reaction.

You don’t even realize how much a part of your hour-by-hour (even minute-by-minute) existence it has become until it is suddenly taken away from you.

So….sitting there trying to figure out what to do with yourself, did you ask what role social media plays in your life? How big a part it has become? What the alternatives are? What in the world you did before you became so dependent on it?

Those are useful questions, worth looking into at any time.

The situation is not unlike a gigantic dump of snow that shuts everything down. Suddenly….no more traffic. You can’t get anywhere, unless you happen to have a pair of skis or snowshoes. Or if you’re one of the few with a handy snowmobile. Pretty quickly you realize how valuable your neighbours really are. You’ve been ignoring them for years; now you’re depending on them.

Maybe something like that happened last week to a few of us.

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