Short break for the move and then back to the books for Outreach School

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Lakeside Outreach School students and staff were back to work on Monday, Oct. 19 in a brand new location. The school now occupies the ‘Canyon Creek annex’ at CJ Schurter School, its new home for however long. It had been at the space next door to the Abundant Life Worship Centre for approximately 13 years.

Students got a couple of days off (or continued studying at home) the previous Thursday and Friday, says principal Lisa Palko. Staff and school division people bore down on those two days to get most of the furniture, equipment and supplies shifted over from the downtown location.

“We still have some finishing touches,” said Palko on that day. “The photocopier, for example.”

The new digs are a smaller space, but adequate for the purpose. Palko says enrollment this year is between 90 and 100, but on a typical day, 20 – 25 students are actually in the building.

As for what will happen to the space vacated by Lakeside Outreach, stay tuned. Pastor Danny Brown tells us the board is mulling over two possibilities: make it available to rent, or use it for church activities.

New home for Lakeside Outreach School

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