Shrinking here, but expanding there

It’s interesting to track the shifts in economic (and maybe other) activities in the COVID era. As we’ve noted in other articles, some of it is surprising because nobody saw it coming. While some industries (air travel, hotels, etc.) have taken a terrible hit, with many job losses, the economy has been breaking out in other directions. Apparently, people have been going camping this summer in big, big numbers. Of course not all of them are behaving well, but that is another story. So anyone supplying or supporting that market is probably doing well.

Another unexpected break-out is in do-it-yourself home improvement type of stuff. It’s just wild how much of that has been going on – to the point you might have a hard time buying a two-by-four.

Another thing: people are not traveling as much. In other words, they are staying at home more, shopping at home more and looking for interesting and useful stuff closer to home more. Local markets, we hear, are selling out quickly of vegetables, baked stuff and more. If you grow it, make it and present it at a local market, they will come and they will buy it.

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