Sierra Industrial Limited has a wide selection of industrial grade tools

Gord Fortin
Lakeside Leader

A new industrial tool shop has opened in Slave Lake that carries a wide variety of products and popular brands.
Jesse Peters is the owner of Sierra Industrial Limited which is located at 200B Caribou Trail SW near the rail crossing. The store opened in mid December of 2017.
“We’d like people to check it out,” he said.
Peters said the main focus will be to provide a wide variety of tools to industry professionals. The tools sold in store are industrial grade, not residential grade.
The tools used for construction and mechanical work. In construction the focus is on tools used for home-building, roofing or landscaping and in mechanics the focus is on oilfield, logging or workshops in general.
He gave the example of selling chainsaws, circular saws, levels and laser levels to name a few. The store will also be selling safety equipment, such as safety vests, hard hats and fall arrests.
Peters highlighted the key brands carried are Milwaukee and DeWalt. All in all he said Sierra will carry tools that anyone should need for their business in the area.
As for what sets Sierra apart from other stores is the available stock and inventory of top grade products, according to Peters.
“We have a wide array of tools in stock,” he said.
Sierra is able to order in tools as well. Peters said he can get orders into the store often times overnight or one to two business days.
Current hot sellers are the electric impact wrench and the electric power grease gun.
Peters is a heavy duty mechanic by trade. He explained that during his career he learned the value of having proper tools and saw an opportunity to provide those tools. This is something he wants to do.
Peters is grateful for the response Sierra received since opening.
“The feedback has been super positive,” he said.
Based on his experience, Peter explained that the transition from the service portion of the industry to retail has been a challenge for him. He works with customers in a different way in retail than in service. People expect a story to carry certain goods while in service he would work on a customer’s product that was already attained.
“In retail you are servicing a whole different need,” he said.
Peters has plans on expanding. He plans to add a workshop where he can do repairs in store. He did not give a time line but said it would be sometime in 2018.

Jesse Peters, the owner of Sierra Industrial Limited, poses here with a Milwaukee electric impact wrench in front of his Dewalt tool display.

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