Signs proposed for arena/field house complex

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

As rec centres go, the one in Slave Lake doesn’t have much in the way of signs. This has been an acknowledged shortcoming for several years, and last week council heard a series of proposals for what could be done about it.
The proposals include large exterior signs on two sides of the facility indicating what it is. The report before council further recommended new dressing room signs that are simple and more accurate. Many of these apparently still have ‘Arctic Ice Centre’ on them, which hasn’t been the proper name for years.
Further to that, explained acting director of community services Audrey DeWit, signs directing visitors to the MRC are inadequate, confusing or non-existent. She presented a range of options aimed at fixing that.
While on the topic of signs, DeWit brought up the large directional sign at the old fire hall. It should probably be moved and ‘re-purposed’, but it won’t be cheap. She estimated $20,000 – $25,000. Councillor Darin Busk wasn’t thrilled with the idea.
“I’m not going to be talked into repurposing a sign for $20,000,” he said.
Fortunately, most of the other options are easier to swallow. The exterior sign on the north side of the MRC is estimated at $4,000, on the low end of the possibilities. Plus lighting for it. About the same for one over the main entrance. In both cases, the possibility for a sponsor’s name would be accommodated. Decals on existing signs around town to direct visitors to the MRC (possibly other places as well) wouldn’t cost that much.
Also suggested is that a matching sign for the curling rink would be a good idea. It isn’t town property, but council seemed to agree what’s there is lacking and a bigger sign would be good.
Commenting on the presentation, councillor Julie Brandle said, “I like the exterior lights. I like the decals and I really like the way-finding signs. The curling rink – I’m not sure I want to pay for that one.”
Mayor Warman agreed with most of that.
“I look forward to discussing it in capital budget,” he said.

How the sign might look over the main entrance.

And on the north end of the building.

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