Sinclair still has the field to himself

We haven’t heard much lately about the race to replace Pat Rehn as the United Conservative Party candidate for Lesser Slave Lake. Or rather, the nomination process. All we know as August begins is what we knew back in June: Scott Sinclair is gunning for the position. As of last week, when we heard from him, that was still the case. He said he’s building a team and selling party memberships and had no info about other candidates.

A call to the UCP constituency association president didn’t produce much more in the way of enlightenment. A date for the nomination of a new candidate still hasn’t been chosen. Apparently party HQ has been tardy in getting back to its LSL branch. Chances are it’s because the UCP has bigger fish to fry at the moment – that being mainly the party leadership contest. The results of that race, by the way, are to be announced on Oct. 6.

But regardless, the Lesser Slave Lake nomination will be done sometime in the fall, promises Gordon Ferguson, the association president.

As to who the candidates will be, besides Sinclair….???? We’ll pass that information on just as soon as we get it. There are rumours of a couple. But that was exactly the situation on June 20 when we first reported on it. Lots of off-the-record stuff is being said, but nothing official.

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