Six-a-side football: how it works

The game consists of 48 minutes of playing time divided into four quarters of 12 minutes each. Time will stop as start as per regular rule book timing. The last three minutes of the second and fourth quarters would also be timed as per the rule book, including the three minute warning and the timing changes that take place after that warning.

Field size is 40 yards wide by 100 or 110 yards long. End zones are 10 yards deep. Hash marks are to be placed 15 yards in from the sidelines.

Conversion points are reversed from 12-man football. In other words, a kicked conversion is worth two points and a pass or run across the goal line gets you a single point.

Only the middle of the three players in the line of scrimmage is ineligible to receive a pass. If four men are on the line then both inside linemen are ineligible.

Three players must be on the line of scrimmage and be set for one second when the ball is snapped.

There are no cut blocks allowed in six-a-side football. This means hitting a player at or around the knees.

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