SL long term care and daycare COVID outbreaks

Pearl Lorentzen

Lakeside Leader

Last week, Slave Lake Long Term Care  and Legacy Childcare, in Slave Lake both had new COVID-19 outbreaks. Healthcare outbreaks have two or more cases. Non-healthcare outbreaks have 10 or more.

Two Slave Lake schools C.J. Schurter and E.G. Wahlstrom had “over 10 per cent absenteeism due to illness, but we do not know what type of illness,” says Kyle Nichols, High Prairie School Division director of communications. As of Sept. 10, he did not know of any active COVID-19 cases connected with Slave Lake or Kinuso HPSD schools.

On Sept. 7, a Whitecourt outbreak was removed.


For the second week in a row, the M.D. of Lesser Slave River which includes Slave Lake had a record number of active cases.

From Sept. 3 to Sept. 10 (eight days), the COVID-19 situation (active cases on Sept. 10) in Lesser Slave River and its closest neighbours was:

Lesser Slave River – 128 active (87 new & 30 recovered) – outbreaks Slave Lake long-term care (Sept. 7) and daycare (Sept. 10)

  • Big Lakes County – 97 active (63 new & 35 recovered)
  • Westlock County – 51 active (28 new & 17 recovered)
  • M.D. of Opportunity – 77 active (56 new & 15 recovered)
  • Woodlands County – nine active (five new)
  • Whitecourt – 75 active (52 new & 22 recovered)
  • Athabasca County – 47 active (30 new & 17 recovered)
  • Northern Sunrise County – 30 active (22 new & 16 recovered).

The Lesser Slave River cases could be in Slave Lake, Sawridge First Nation, or the M.D. from Assineau to Smith.


From Sept. 3 to 10, eight people from the AHS North Zone died from COVID. They were from Grande Prairie County (three), the City of Grande Prairie (two), and one each in MacKenzie County, Smoky Lake County, and unknown. The deceased were six women (five 80 or older and one in her 70s) and two men 80 or older.


Masks are required in indoor public spaces except schools. On Sept. 7, High Prairie School Division and Aspen View Public Schools (AVPS) announced that masks are required indoors.

“We see this temporary measure as a balanced approach to mask wearing,” says Candy Nikipelo, AVPS Board of Trustees chair, in a news release. “After the disrupted learning of the last 18 months, every day that kids are in the classroom counts. We need to mitigate the risk of having to close schools, or having students miss school due to COVID-19. We’d rather overprotect students and staff than put them at risk.”

As of Sept. 9, Living Waters Separate Catholic Schools had not announced an update to its COVID-19 plan.

The plan published in August 2021 says, “Masking is generally not required. However, if families choose to have their children wear masks, or if staff choose to wear masks, schools will take care that such individuals will not be stigmatized.”


COVID-19 vaccinations and testing are available in Slave Lake. 

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