Slave Lake 4-H learning about charity

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Northern Lights 4-H in Slave Lake is raising a charity steer for the first time this year.

Part of this process is meeting with and learning about the charity that they are supporting.

Money from the sale of the steer goes to the Kids with Cancer Society, says club reporter Devlin Van Roon. Kellie Brown is the Northern Lights’ beef leader. Her sister died from cancer when she was 17, so the club chose Kids with Cancer.

Devlin and his brother Liam, club vice president, have lots of information about the foundation, because of a Zoom meeting the club had with someone at the foundation.

Kids with Cancer helps families of children who have cancer. Often people have to be away from home for treatment, and sometimes they have to leave in a hurry, so the society makes backpacks with gift certificates, kid’s games, toiletries, and other useful items.

Northern Lights hopes to introduce some families who have been helped by the foundation to the steer either virtually or in person.

Asked how raising the steer was going, Devlin says, “It’s been going good with him so far. He’s way less skittish. He likes going on long walks around the pasture. He loves to cuddle with people. There’s such a huge change in the last six weeks.”

Last year, Brown raised a charity steer with another 4-H club. She raised $11,000, because the first person who bought the steer donated it back and it sold again.

There’s no date yet for the regional 4-H livestock show and sale, but it is often at the end of May or early June.

Around Slave Lake, there are three 4-H clubs. Kinuso Lakeside has a beef program. Mirror Landing in Smith has various options including beef, poultry, horses, and sheep.

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