Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce Council Notebook

February 24, 2020

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Annual General Meeting

There were no real surprises at the chamber annual general meeting. The financial situation was reported last month.

Rebecca King, Florence Gladue, and Robyn-Lee Vance joined the chamber board. The rest of the board are president Frankie Giroux, vice-president Josh Friesen, and seven other board members. These are Ali Mouallem, Steve Adams, Serena Green, Srini Jayaraman, Andrea Poitras, Ryan Burton, and Ashley Svecla.

The board has learned to embrace change, said Giroux. The 2020 goals are to continue building core events (i.e. Riverboat Daze, trade show, and Small Business Week), gain more members, work with non-profit groups, and utilize technology. The membership drive is going well. In 2019, numbers were up. There were 131 members, up from 118 in 2018. It will continue being a priority in 2020.

Upcoming Events

Chamber executive-director Kimberley Hughes reported on upcoming chamber events.

The Business Excellence Awards will be on March 7th. There are 88 tickets sold. The goal is to sell 150 to 175. There’s one new award in 2020. Tickets are available at

The Slave Lake Labour Solutions event series kicks off on March 12, with an event to reveal the results from the business survey in the fall. There’s also a job fair in April, and customer service training for employers, management and employees in June. (see Page 16 for more details).

May 8 to 9th is the Slave Lake Tradeshow. It is in partnership with Huntmania. Registration for businesses should be on the website in early March. The changes this year are based on feedback from last year’s vendors. The event will be Friday evening and all day Saturday. Costs per table are also lower than last year.

“We’re always asked to bring guns, hunting, and fishing (to the tradeshow),” says Giroux. Huntmania will fill an entire arena with hunting, fishing and guns.

The chamber will fill the other arena with local businesses.

Riverboat Daze is July 3 to 5th the plan is to build on what was done last year.

People are already asking for Riverboat Daze details, Hughes said.

Website and Fansaves

Both the new guts of the chamber website using Chamber Master software and the FanSaves app are going well. The changes to the website allow the chamber to sell tickets to events and have an online directory.

There have been some bugs with both, but they are getting worked out, said Hughes.

There are 23 discounts on the FanSaves app and 215 users.

FanSaves is like the coupon passport books that the chamber used to make, but it is available year-round. The chamber has given out window stickers and other logos to businesses with discounts on the app.

Town of Slave Lake and M.D. of LSR

The Town of Slave Lake is looking for a new CAO, said mayor Tyler Warman.

Both the M.D. and town are working on issues regarding fire stations and roads.

The M.D. and town are very worried about the “horrendous state of our highways,” said M.D. councillor Darcie Acton.

A common area of complaint is the intersection on Highway 2 by Tim Hortons, says Warman. As this is the highway, the town isn’t allowed to touch it.

For the last few years, the numbers of fire calls have risen each year, said Warman. At least some of these calls have to do with potholes on the highway. As people swerve to miss the potholes, they hit other vehicles or the ditch.

All fire stations, but especially Widewater are looking for volunteers, said Acton. No experience is necessary.

The M.D. council is preparing for meetings with the Minister of Transportation, Minister of Health, Minister of Red Tape Reduction, and seniors’ housing.

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