Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce Notebook

April 30, 2018 meeting
Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

The Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce welcomed four new members at its April 30 meeting: LivingWaters School Division, Big Fish Bay, Canwest Group Benefit Consultants and Sunlife Financial group.

Riverboat Daze

Kim Hughes, on the Chamber of Commerce board, said the chamber is still delegating out a few of the tasks that need to be done right now. She said there are few subcommittees formed – for the sandcastle competition, the block party and taking care of the midway.

There was a public organizational meeting for Riverboat Daze on Monday May 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the chamber office; Hughes said they were hoping to get public buy-in and obtain some volunteers. That way people can come out and be a voice and help with the process.

The Chamber of Commerce was waiting for the trade show to pass a little bit before getting fully into Riverboat Daze, but had started on a few aspects of it, attendess heard.

For example, on May 1 the Chamber started registration forms and is starting to distribute all the packages out for the block party.Hughes said they would be approaching everyone who was part of it last year first and go from there.

This year the town is allowing organizers to block off the street all the way to Slave Lake Dental. This means there is a lot more room to grow the event this year, Hughes said. She added the expansion gives the event a lot of potential this year.

There is going to be a live band and hopefully a bigger beer garden space.

The Chamber is still working away on the sandcastle event and are looking for sponsors for prizes.

Hughes said that they are looking for lots of sponsors for the block party this year as well, as everything was done on donation last year. She added with growing the event comes a lot more cost.

Most of the local companies do seem very interested in helping where they can.

Riverboat Daze Children’s Carnival

Chamber board member Ali Mouallem said the carnival would start on the Saturday morning at EG Wahlstrom Elementary school. He said it would have a little playground area just off of Main Street, in the same spot as last year, when it was a huge success.

Mouallem said there were about 10 different carnival stations where kids could go and only have to pay $1 per ticket. This way kids could play all 10 games without paying a fortune.

The idea for the children’s festival came from Mouallem taking his own kids to the midway where the games were very challenging for them. He said they would not win prizes from the games. Mouallem felt there needed to be something for kids; it could be from ages three to nine years. The kids could be guaranteed to win a prize and have fun at a low cost to families. Last year he, said, there were close to 400 kids out and the festival.

Mouallem said St Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy wants to jump on board as well as the Rotary Club of Slave Lake Public Library.

The Chamber is looking for prizes, so if organizations want to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Things in that regard got off to a good start with a grant from the Rotary Club for two-thousand dollars to buy prizes.

Mouallem said the Kinettes are considering holding a petting zoo; the fire department may be interested in coming out this year again bringing a fire truck and giving out plastic hats to kids.

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