Slave Lake and High Prairie dancers hone their skills

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

March 23 and 24 local dancers had the opportunity to tighten up their performances with help from industry professionals.

For the third time, Live to Dance, from Edmonton, brought master classes and a competition to Slave Lake. Once again dancers from Dance Creations (Slave Lake)took part.

For the first time this year, Dance Creations was joined by Repertoire Dance Society (High Prairie) and Northwest Elite Dance, which has dancers from multiple Peace country communities. Northwest Elite is organized by Madison Price, from High Prairie.

“It is so important for me to give back to our local dance communities,” say Reanna Maitland, with Live to Dance. “I was a young dancer in Slave Lake once and had such big dreams of becoming a dancer and teacher, but wasn’t sure I would make it in the big world of dance. But creating opportunities for conventions (with new teachers) and competitions with scholarships to dance in other cities lets these dancers know they are good enough to make it anywhere!”

On Saturday, dancers learned techniques, artistry, and other tips to improve their routines from Emma Lund.

The program says Lund is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher, and adjudicator based in Calgary. She has worked in Calgary, Toronto, Los Angeles, and other places. She performed on the JUNO Awards.

The dancers learned in two levels – novice/junior and intermediate/senior.

Intense is the higher level within each category. It means training for over six hours a week by any combination of classes. The regular category is under five hours of training.

On Sunday, dancers performed for Lund (who graded them) and for their friends and family. The competition had 92 performances, and went from 12:30 to 7 p.m. Dancers performed lyrical, jazz, modern, hip hop, musical theatre, student choreography, ballet, contemporary, and tap.

At the competition, dancers won dance scholarships and cash.

All photos are of Dance Creations dancers.

Mikayla, Mariel, and Sophie (in no particular order) dance to ‘Find My Way Home’ as an intermediate intense lyrical group.
Maddison Johns (13) jumps into the air as part of her intermediate lyrical dance to ‘Someday.’
Taylor Bellerose (13) in her intermediate solo lyrical performance to ‘The World In Caves.’
Chelsea Baxter (15) appears to plead with the audience or the love interest (possibly antagonist) in the song ‘Falling in Love,’ as part of her intermediate intense lyrical dance.
Avery van den Heuvel (9) dances to ‘A Mother Like You’ in her novice lyrical performance.
Alexis Vennings (15) strikes a pose in her intermediate lyrical dance to ‘Orange Juice.’
Sophie Pothier (16) in her intermediate intense solo to ‘Curtain Call.’
Madison Hunt (18) in a senior intense dance to ‘Snow Angel.’

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