Slave Lake candidates for council

Rebecca King

King is a one-term town councillor now running for mayor. She’s a community volunteer, business owner, wife and mother, who served in the Canadian Armed Forces. She has lived in Slave Lake for nine years.

Tyler Warman

Warman is the two-term mayor, seeking a third. He’s a business owner, husband and father of two who has lived in Slave Lake since 1992. He was formerly a firefighter and Rotary president.

Steve Adams

Real estate agency owner Adams is a native Slave Laker with a former career in the oilpatch. He has just completed a term as a trustee on the High Prairie School Division board.

Julie Brandle

Brandle is seeking a third term on council. She has lived in Slave Lake for 28 years and owns her own real estate agency. She has been chair of the housing authority board for several years as well.

Darin Busk

Busk is one of the most experienced candidates, with three terms under his belt. Busk spent 29 years in the oil industry and has lived in Slave Lake since 2001, raising two kids with wife Dee.

Ian Cameron

Economic development and housing the homeless are two big items for Cameron. A Slave Lake resident since 2005, among Cameron’s accomplish- ments is organizing music festvals in the area.

Brice Ferguson

Ferguson is seeking a second full term. He is a numbers guy, who admits he loves poring over budgets. He has also advocated for beach clean-up and a homeless shelter in his first term on council.

Susan Giesbrecht

A retired schoolteacher, this is her first stab at elected office. Born and raised in Slave Lake, she taught at Roland Michener School. The social needs of the community are high on her priority list.

Francesca Giroux

Co-owner of an accounting firm, Giroux made a name for herself as Chamber of Commerce president the past few years. Economic development and fiscal responsibility are big issues for her.

Shawn Gramlich

‘Unfinished business’ is one of Gramlich’s reasons for seeking a second term. He cites his strong record in organizing charity events and support for commuity projects.

Craig Hudson

Hudson is a gas-fitter, a computer whiz, husband and father of two who is interested in affordabilty for people coming to town, improving housing availability, and sustainable growth generally.

Kimberly Hughes

Hughes is the ED of the Chamber of Commerce and is big on supporting local small business. Promoting tourism is another priority for the Slave Lake native. Her mom Laura served on town council.

Philip Lokken

Lokken served previously on council. He owns a law practice and cites his experience as an asset. Financial stability for the town is a priority for him.

Ronnie Lukan

Lukan is a local entrepreneur running for the first time. Sustainability, accountability and maintaining infrastructure are areas he’d like to tackle if elected.

TinaMarie Ritter

There are plenty of candidates who focus on economic development, Ritter says. She’d provide balance, she says, by focusing on social needs of the less fortunate in the community.

Winona Twin

Twin was a Sawridge Band councillor for eight years. Other experience she thinks might be helpful on town council includes stints on Victim Services and the Youth Justice Committee.

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