Slave Lake church starting preschool

No Bible class

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Discovery Kids Preschool will “promote Christian values, but we won’t have a religion class,” says Lilibeth ‘Lili’ Normand, program director. “Our main goal is to provide a service to the community.”

A few months ago, the classrooms on the side of Abundant Life Worship Centre became available.

Earlier, High Prairie School Division rented the space for Lakeside Outreach School, which has now moved to a HPSD school site.

The church is on 3rd Ave NE one block east of Main Street.

The church board thought about different uses for the building, says Normand. Some ideas were daycare, after school care, or a preschool.

“Preschool will be the best option for Slave Lake, right now,” she adds.

Discovery Kids follows the Alberta curriculum for preschool.

Its philosophy begins with, “Discovery Kids Preschool offers developmentally appropriate curriculum and we strive to enhance social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in young children. With an interdisciplinary approach to all subjects, students learn to engage in education in an emotional and meaningful way.”

It ends with, “the philosophy behind our academics is guided by our desire for children to come to see learning as a very fun, creative hands-on experience in which they discover success.”

Discovery Kids has a classroom map and a plan, but is still looking for furniture and supplies to get ready for the fall.
Three-year-olds will attend two mornings a week and four-year-olds attend three.

The preschool follows the HPSD calendar, but starts a week later in September.

Registration opens in April. The preschool has submitted its license paperwork and should have a license by June at the latest.

If, for some reason, the license doesn’t go through, the registration fee will be returned.

“This was a school building,” says Normand. “We don’t see a reason why they would say no.” Also, the application was done in lots of time so that the church can make any changes required.

In the Slave Lake area, there are three other preschools.

Lakeside Nursery School is off Caribou Trail in the Sawridge First Nation, which abuts the Town of Slave Lake.

St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School has a preschool. This is in southwest Slave Lake a few buildings behind the Multi Rec Centre on 6 Ave SW.

In Widewater, South Shore Children’s Association runs a preschool in the Widewater Complex on Southshore Drive. This is 17 km northwest of Slave Lake off Highway 2.

Preschool is not mandatory in Alberta, and parents have to pay out of pocket.

For more information about Discovery Kids Preschool, email [email protected] The other three have a Facebook presence or a website.

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