Slave Lake Citizens on Patrol board formed, next step re-incorporating

Leader staff

On March 9, the Slave Lake RCMP hosted a meeting about reforming a Citizens on Patrol (C.O.P.) in Slave Lake.

There was a good turnout, says RCMP Staff Sergeant John Spaans. A board was chosen, which is half of the battle. The next step is to re-incorporate, which includes various legalities and insurance.

“The objective of a C.O.P group is to extend the eyes and ears of law enforcement agencies,” says the RCMP news release which announced the meeting. Once a C.O.P. is established, volunteers patrol the town and report any crimes to the RCMP, who investigate.

At the meeting, there were representatives from provincial C.O.P., as well as the Westlock and Athabasca chapters.

The cost of re-incorporating and insurance is between $300 and $500, said Town of Slave Lake councillor Darin Busk at the March 10 Town Council meeting.

Along with the board a few people offered to volunteer as drivers, says Spaans. There is a need for more volunteers. There’s a bit of money left from when the group was set up in the past. The hope is that money will be accessible to reimburse people for gas, when they drive around on patrol.

There are a few requirements for volunteers, said Busk. Volunteers need to commit to a minimum of four hours per month. They need to pass a criminal record check and attend one day of required training.

At the town council meeting, the council passed a motion to cover the incorporation costs of “up to $500.”

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