Slave Lake Dental wins Canadian award

Leader staff

Out of all the dental teams in Canada nominated for the 2020 Leadership in Practice Award Practice Team award, Slave Lake Dental won.

“Leaders in Practice acknowledges dental care professionals who are passionate about providing optimal patient care and making a difference in the lives of Canadians,” says
As of April 2021, Slave Lake Dental’s team has four dentists, five hygienists, 11 or 12 registered dental assistants and clinical support staff, and seven people in the business team, says principal dentist Dr. Terri Pukanich.

Three individual team members were also nominated for other awards and reached the voting stage, says Pukanich. Slave Lake Dental was the only Albertan dental team nominated. Also, it was the only nominated team which also had individuals nominated.

Leaders in Practice had over 700 nominations, says Pukanich. Voting was open to the general public back in January with 20,000 votes submitted.

In the Leadership In Practice nominee information, Pukanich says, “We endeavour to understand who our patients are as people, what their goals for their oral health are, and how we can work together to help them reach their goals. Putting patients first often means doing the little things to make their experience better. The small stuff goes a long way.”

The nomination also says that Slave Lake Dental has been in Slave Lake for over 40 years.

Slave Lake Dental received $5,000 and was featured in the April 2021 Oral Health Journal.

Asked how Slave Lake Dental plans to spend the money, Pukanich says, “we haven’t decided yet.”

Most of the Slave Lake Dental staff who won a Canadian award for best dental team. The ‘Brady Bunch’ style of the photo is because of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions on gatherings. Photo courtesy of Slave Lake Dental.

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