Slave Lake Peace Officer nabs a drunk driver


On January 22, 2021 at approx 1:57 p.m., a Slave Lake Peace Officer conducted a routine traffic stop for the purposes of checking documents when he observed the driver to be exhibiting strong signs of impairment. The front passenger was found to be slouched over and grossly intoxicated. An open bottle of vodka and opened-bladed knife was immediately seized.
Given the strong signs of impairment, the driver was charged by the Peace Officer under the Traffic Safety Act for non compliance and turned over to the Slave Lake RCMP.

The driver ultimately failed the roadside breath test and is subject to the new impaired driving legislation which meant losing his vehicle and license for a period of time and receiving high fines.

To report impaired drivers, call 911 immediately.

The province is taking a very serious stance on impaired driving whether it be by alcohol or drugs.

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