Slave Lake Revolution Ford gets a new face

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Brad Miller, a salesman from Sherwood Park, Alta, has recently joined the community of Slave Lake.

Miller has been in town for three weeks now and is working at Revolution Ford.

Miller says he has been in the car and RV business for approximately 18 years. He wanted to move over to Ford because Ford has always been his brand of choice and it is all he has ever owned. His favourite Ford model is the F-150. Previously Miller was a part of the RV business.

“[The RV business] is a very hour-intensive business every single day of the week from open to close for many months of the year.”

Miller is married with four adult kids and four grandchildren. He says the thing his family likes to do most is go camping.

“There was a time when we were camping 100 nights a year.”

When the kids were younger, Miller says, as a family they would like to go out to the Okanagan in B.C.

As for camping, Miller adds he and his family have travelled to Alaska, Arizona, California, the west coast, Prince Rupert and all over Alberta.

Miller not only moved to town for work but also to be closer to his family.

Miller says his son is actually in the process of moving up this way with his new baby.

“I love the north country. I always have.”

Miller reports that it has been very easy to adjust to his new job and the community.

“The staff here at Revolution Ford has been awesome, and I have been out and about in the community and it has been awesome too.”

Miller says he was actually given the opportunity to participate in the Wounded Warriors Weekend Foundation dunk tank fundraiser a few weekends ago and had a blast though the weather was chilly.

Brad Miller standing with a shiny red F-150.

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