Small school of Sharks competed in Grimshaw

Leader staff

A team of eight Slave Lake Sharks raced in the open air at Grimshaw on July 23.

“All had a great meet in beautiful weather!” says head coach Darcy Comeau (formerly Hoover).

The Sharks who made the trip were Mako, Mukundi and Mitsi Shambare, Eleanor and Taylor Friesen, Jerzie and Jorgia Green and Grace Auger.

Auger and Eleanor Friesen continued their torrid pace, winning all four of their races – Auger in the Girls 13/14 age group and Eleanor one age group above (15-17).

For Auger, these were the 50m Freestyle, 100m breast stroke, 50m butterfly and 100m medley. Eleanor Friesen’s individual victories came in the 400m free, 100m breast, 100m butterfly and 200m medley.

Competing in the Girls 18+ category, Taylor Friesen won the 400m freestyle and the 800m freestyle races. She finished second in the 100m medley.

Jorgia Green won the 200m free, 50m butterfly and 100m medley, in the 11/12-year-old girls’ division. She placed second in the 100m medley.

Jerzie Green, swimming in the girls’ 13/14 group, finished second in the 400m free and 200m medley.

Mako Shambare’s top finish was fourth place in the 50m backstroke.

Mukundi Shambare also had a fourth-place finish – in the 100m free.

Top placing for Mitsi Shambare was fifth in the 25m backstroke.

The Sharks contested two relay races, of four swimmers each. The team of Auger, Green, Green and Friesen (Eleanor) took first in the 4 x 50m medley relay. The same crew took second place in the 4 x 50m freestyle relay.

Next up on the competitive swimming schedule is the regional meet in Grande Prairie on Aug. 6 and 7. Swimmers placing first and second qualify for provincials, plus some ‘wild cards,’ based on the best times from among the remaining swimmers in all the regionals around the province.

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