Smart people

Smart people are getting into the delivery business. That’s what we hear. Or driving generally. Maybe drone ownership and operation as well. Robotics, now that we think of it, probably has a pretty good future as well.

Then there’s a couple of geeks in Vancouver who bought themselves a dry-ice machine. Along comes COVID and suddenly they’ve got orders out the wazoo. All that vaccine needing cold storage.

We’re thinking somebody needs to come up with a cheap method of making fresh water out of sea water. Climate patterns being what they seem to be, and glaciers disappearing all over the planet, a lot of rivers that a lot of people depend on for their sustenance are going to be drying up for at least part of the year. The answer? Cheap desalination of seawater. But even if less expensive ways aren’t found, it’s still going to be a big part of the future for much of the world. There’s no way around it. Either that or millions are going to be migrating from where fresh water isn’t to where it is. That of course is already happening, for other reasons. What’s likely to happen is the ‘have’ nations are going to end up investing in ways to keep the ‘have nots’ at home. And that means solving water shortage problems.

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