Smith School students show off their leadership

Leader staff

Smith School held its annual Leadership Day event on May 27. The Leader was there and took some photos, as well as taking part in a tour of various classroom displays. We’ll let the pictures do the talking for us, and let Principal Brenna Liddell explain what it was all about.
“It is a day to showcase great things happening in our school so we highlight a few things. The majority of the day is student planned and student-led. This year guests were taken around by student leaders allowing guests to actively engage in some of the exciting things happening at Smith School. They were able to take part in learning about the Zones of Regulation and what they are, reading with our K-3 students and learning about goal-setting and home reading. Our Wellness Warriors demonstrated some activities they regularly plan as well as provided Taste Testing and a demonstration of “Don’t Walk in the Hallway.” Guests were also able to learn about the practice of mindfulness and see a ‘singing bowl’ in action. We had a stop for people to contribute to our Legacy Project by writing something they love about reading. There were also some student performances and guest speakers.”

Singing was a big part of Leadership Day. Above, Kaleb Twa (Grade 5), Lucas Potskin (Grade 4) and Slater Adler (Grade 5) belt out a tune.

Bryanna McLeod (Grade 8) interviews Grade 1 students Bjarne Malchin and Elizabeth Attfield on the topic of leadership. In the background is Grade 9 student Alyssa Jack.

Cadence Genert (Grade 4) and Kayle Mayston (Grade 5) offer fruit snacks to participants.

Mrs. Fulmore leads a group of young students in a song.

Grade 3 student Avery Phillips demonstrates the ‘singing bowl,’ in the presentation on ‘mindfulness.’

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