So far, so good on natural disasters

It’s great when things on the wildfire suppression front go as smoothly as they have been recently. Maybe we shouldn’t say anything about it, but…. Pretty much every fire that has broken out in the region hasn’t had time to go far before the suppression forces are all over it like white on rice (as they say). That’s been the case in report after report we get from information officer Leah Lovequist.

Not only that, timely rain events keep knocking the hazard back – at least for a few days.

None of this, by the way, should be an excuse for carelessness out in the bush – or anywhere. All the usual cautions apply, all the time. Make sure your campfire it totally out, for example. Clean off the exhaust of your ATV (because dead grass and such stuck on there can catch fire, drop off and start a wildfire. It has happened.) Lightning, of course, nobody can predict or prevent.

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