So…what’s new with the Icedogs?

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Not much, and that may be a good thing. Yes, says team owner Lauren Barr, it sucks that there are only three teams in the league. But what’s good about it is the teams are fairly even, the scores are close and the situation competitive. No 20 – 1 games and the like, which would put sustainability into question.

Meanwhile, an effort is going on behind the scenes to line up more teams for an off-season expansion of the league.

“There’ll be a lot of growth,” Barr predicts.

The Icedogs themselves stood at seven wins and six losses as of Nov. 17. They had started the season with losses, strung together a bunch of wins, and then lost four straight. Barr figures bad attitudes crept in after several fairly easy wins. The ‘Dogs Nov. 15 loss to the Tomahawks was reversed by the league, due to ineligible players being on the ice for the Enoch team. So Slave Lake’s record had changed to eight wins and five losses prior to this past weekend’s play.

One good story in the GMHL West is how the team now known as the High Prairie Redwings has come from being pretty useless in the early going to being competitive every game. Apparently High Prairie mayor Brian Panasiuk even had the nerve to challenge his Slave Lake counterpart on council to wear a Redwings’ jersey to council if the High Prairie squad won the Nov. 17 game. They did, by a 7 – 6 score, and Warman did in fact show up at the next council meeting (Nov. 19) wearing the unfamiliar colours.

Slave Lake Mayor Tyler Warman lost a bet with High Prairie Mayor Brian Panasiuk and had to wear a High Prairie Redwings jersey at a council meeting.

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