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Drop-in adult soccer happening
Outdoor adult soccer is happening these days. Not exactly in the same way as usual, but at least people are able to get out and do some scrimmaging.
Organizer Gordie Ferguson says what’s uncertain at this point is whether inter-community challenge games or tournaments will become part of the picture.

“As for games with other towns,” says Ferguson in an email to The Leader, “the few I have talked to haven’t even resumed playing. So we are keeping our ears opent o what if any teams are forming and wanting to play.”

In the meantime, Ferguson says anyone is welcome to come out Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 7 – 9 p.m. at the Northern Lakes College field in Slave Lake.

Slowpitch league starting June 29
The local slowpitch league plans to kick off its delayed 2020 season on the second-last day of this month. Ryan Ricard of the league tells The Leader the plan is to run through to September 11, with a few modifications.

Such as? No outside teams will be allowed in the league this year, Ricard says. Participation is restricted to teams from Slave Lake and “immediate M.D.”, meaning the southshore area and Marten Beach, “as per town regulations in order for us to run a league.”

Other than that, Ricard says there will be “some modified rules for sanitation reason.”
Play ball!

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