Somebody must know something

Sure enough, we put a notice of a missing person in our paper and the day it goes to press, the RCMP inform us the person (Lauren Ossimeemas), has been found. That is very good news, of course, but the story that comes out in the paper is the wrong one.

What can you do? One thing we can do is put the update on our website –

Meanwhile, other people continue to be missing, and the longer it goes on, the less likely it is there will be a happy outcome. We might have said the same thing about Ossimeemas, who had been out of touch with her family since July of this year. Red Earth Creek RCMP only heard about it on Nov. 19 and put the word out. Some stories do end well.

Joel Judd of Fort Vermilion, on the other hand, has been missing since late December of last year. He was last seen leaving a residence on Bayer Road, just west of Slave Lake. Police found a jacket, but nothing else. Somebody must know something.

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