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There’s more to an unconventional high school graduation ceremony than meets the eye.

Last week we took photos of a parade of the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Academy grads and one of the pictures was on the front page of The Leader. But that was just the final part of a mult-stage grad process, which St. Francis Principal Angie White explains:

“We created events over a two-week period for graduation. Pearl (Lorentzen, of The Leader) was out to our porch pictures on June 5th. This was followed by an individual recording of each grad on June 10th and ICON was able to travel to take their graduation pictures.

“Lastly, on Saturday, June 20th, we presented each grad with a copy of their virtual graduation. We had a great response from the dignitaries, who sent in videos of themselves to be added to the recording.

“The parent group organized a parade to follow the presentation that allowed students to walk down Main Street in their caps and gowns.”

The final piece of news from the St. Francis grad is that Emily Chapates (pictured) received the Divisional St John Bosco award.

John Bosco Award winner Emily Chapates

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