Spiral of Life

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The Spiral of Life cancer support group in Smith has been going on since about 1998. It was started by the late Karen Willis, who was going through treatment for cancer at the time. According to her niece Karen McConaghy, “she was told about a support group and decided we needed something like that in our community.”

So she started the group, which “got together for coffee and talk about what they were going through.”

One thing led to another and they started an annual fundraiser and donated some equipment to the hospital in Slave Lake and other organizations.

Willis passed away in 2002. The Karen Willis Memorial Quad Rally was started in her memory, which is another Spiral For Life fundraiser.

“We’re keeping it going,” says McConaghy. “We were able to purchase a hospital bed and a wheelchair.”

Feel free to call McConaghy for information, at 780-914-0924.

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