Spot road repairs added to 2020 budget

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Slave Lake should be getting some additional road repairs this summer.

Last week town council approved an amendment to the capital budget that adds nearly $400,000 for fixing bad spots around town.

Two factors come into play: one is that the Gloryland road rehab project is on hold due to COVID concerns. This led to the idea that smaller-scale road re-hab projects might be more do-able without endangering construction workers. And of course there is no shortage of bad spots in need of attention. The second factor is a cache of $391,000 that has apparently been sitting in the town bank account since 2014. It is BMTG money, council heard at its May 5 meeting (Basic Municipal Transportation Grant).

A recent inspection of town streets resulted in a list of priority spots that would cost an estimated $706,000 to repair. The recommendation was to get as much of that work done as possible with the available money. To the BMTG amount could be added the basic $100,000 in the 2020 budget for road repairs.

The top 10 spots identified for repairs are as follows:

Main St. and Caribou Trail intersection, 6th Ave. NE near Points West, 6th Ave. NW near #513, 8th St. NW near #729, 2 St. SW near Grizzly Manor, 6 St. SE #1008 to #1024, 11 Ave. SE between 11 St. and 12 St., 11 St. SE near #1100, 12 Ave SE and 9 St SE near #1113, 3 Ave. NE between ATB and Allarie Cleaners.

“I’m comfortable to move ahead,” said mayor Tyler Warman.

So were his council colleagues. All voted in favour of a Brice Ferguson motion to spend the money as proposed.

As to why the BMTG grant money was in the bank for so many years, Warman tells The Leader attempts were made a couple of times to apply it on other projects, but both were turned down.

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