Stage North: the better thing to do this weekend

Nicola Ramsey
For the Lakeside Leader

You might be a typical Slave Lake resident who waits until the last minute to buy an event ticket. Maybe you’re hoping something better will come along.
Maybe you’re waiting to see who else is going. Maybe you’re leaving your weekends open in case you decide to make a trip to the city.  Maybe you just don’t feel like forking out a few bucks for a ticket for a lesser known musician when you can spend $100 or more to drive 250 km and stay overnight in a hotel and see an ant-sized famous performer way off in the distance. That’s up to you. I’m not judging.
But, as for me, I love sitting and listening to live music in the venue that was built in part thanks to the $40,000 our Fire Book Committee donated. The 13 other hardworking volunteers who make up Stage North agree.
We know live music is good for us. It makes people happy, improves sleep, increases your memory and reduces depression. And we think it’s good for our community. Creative communities are resilient communities. Our committee has reviewed the live performance of each of our performers and determined each one will be a great fit for our audience. Many people who have attended our shows say they have been blown away by the talent we have brought in.
Our community has a lot going for it, but I think it can be more. I’d like to think the “better thing to do” on any given weekend isn’t getting in my car and driving somewhere else.
It’s staying here with my own friends and neighbours, taking advantage of local talent, local food and Canadian artists.
If you agree with me, if you want our town to continue to provide more entertainment options than a night at the Rex or an evening in the bar, take advantage of what is on offer. Don’t say, “Oh, I’ve never heard of that band before, it probably sucks.” It doesn’t.
And don’t wait for “something better” to come along.
We are the “something better.”
Plan to take advantage of that. Buy your fully transferable season ticket now, at


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