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A group of Wabascanians is pushing for more financial disclosure from their local government, which is the Bigstone Cree Nation. They call themselves the Bigstone Empowerment Society. The situation is a bit murky (at least to us), but not to Travis A. Gladue, the Edmonton accountant and Bigstone member who is pushing for the disclosure. Recently he got a response from Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, who are encouraging Bigstone to release the financial info they are required to under their agreement with the feds. Another piece in the puzzle is the resignation of a Bigstone band councillor from all band-controlled boards. It’s a long list. However, she told The Leader she isn’t willing at the moment to talk publicly about it.

Member of Parliament Arnold Viersen is willing, to a degree. “First Nations, like all Canadians, have the right to hold their leadership accountable,” he says. “And they should be able to expect good governance.”

Stay tuned.

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