Staying alive by reducing risks, not eliminating them

Booze and boats don’t mix, they say. True enough, but there’s no reason to think alcohol was the culprit in a couple of recent deaths by drowning – one on one of the Chain Lakes and the other on Island Lake.
Lots of things don’t mix well with boating. One is bad weather. Another is not wearing a life jacket. Then there’s the common folly (according to recent RCMP reports) of people setting off on floating parties without much of an idea of what’s up ahead, how long it will take or telling somebody when to expect them.
There is probably some bad luck involved in some of these boating (or diving) mishaps. However, where reasonable precautions are taken, bad luck will often result in no more than inconvenience. If a storm blows up unexpectedly and swamps your boat, if you have a life vest on you are probably going to end up on shore, alive. If you don’t…..
Some people say too much fuss about safety takes the fun out life. No risk equals no fun. Well, there’s no such thing as a risk-free activity. And out at the extremes, the daredevils will do what they like, regardless. But regular folks can still have plenty of fun while wearing life jackets, or otherwise strapping in, buckling up or simply putting on a helmet. Not to mention keeping an eye or an ear on the weather reports.


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