Steak up the hill in Canyon

Canyon Creek Winks has taken over the steak night tradition in Canyon Creek.

Canyon Creek is a hamlet west of Slave Lake. It is between Highway 2 and the south shore of Lesser Slave Lake.

Winks is a restaurant/convenience store up on the hill, right off the highway.

For the last six or so years, the Canyon Creek Hotel had a Friday steak night. The hotel is by the lake between Canyon Creek Harbour and Campground and Jean-Luc Deba Memorial Park.

Winks recently added a deck and got a liquor license. The hotel isn’t doing steak nights any more, so Yamsuan decided to hold one Friday nights. The first evening at the end of June, they sold over 40 steaks between sit-down and take-out orders.

Carlee Dick and Wannie Yamsuan staff at Canyon Creek Winks pose with the new sign on the second steak night.
The new deck at the Canyon Creek Winks.

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