Still looking for diamonds

Are they still looking for diamonds in northern Alberta? Or has that completely died out? You’re probably thinking: ‘What do I look like, a newspaper? You’re the ones that are supposed to tell us what’s going on“
Okay. Fair point. We’ll get back to you on that.
In the late 90s, a company called Ashton Mining found a few diamonds northwest of Red Earth Creek. But their enthusiasm petered out and eventually they sold out to another outfit. The other outfit was not nearly as forthcoming with information.
The kimberlite pipes (volcanic rock formations that often contain diamonds) are there, all over the place. But diamonds were not found in commercial quantities. Mineral rights on those properties seem to be held now by a consortium and operated by one of its members, Canterra Minerals Corp. What appears to be a fairly recent update on its website says 26 of 38 kimberlites in the Buffalo Hills area contain diamonds and six of these have “known economic potential,” whatever that means.
Grizzly Discoveries is another firm that has claims in the same area, sort of hovering around the edges of Canterra’s properties. On its website Grizzly says it has seven kimberlites on its permits, of which “two are considered highly diamondiferous.”
What this all might mean in terms of the likelihood of actual mining we will leave to the experts. However, it seems people are still poking around out there.

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