Stretch out your hips this week pose

Katrina Owens
Lakeside Leader

Lori Whitby of Slave Lake Smiling Dog Yoga says you can build strength and increase your range of motion with this week’s hybrid variation of chair pose and pigeon pose.
“If your balance feels off, you can do this pose in a chair, standing against a wall or hold on to the counter as you lower back,” she says. “This pose is desk therapy and walkers and runners will love this too!”
Whitby adds, “Place your energy on your heels and shift the weight to the left foot, lower the buttocks down and back as if you are about to sit into a chair. Bring the right foot up and place it on the thigh behind the left knee. Keep the chest lifted and make sure you are not rounding your back.”
Relax your shoulders and neck; the more you lower down and hinge at the hips the deeper this stretch will be. You can place your hands in front of your heart like the picture, out to the front like chair pose or anywhere that helps you feel balanced. Hold for three-10 breaths, depending on how you feel.
Cautions: For anyone with recent hip or knee replacement and knee injury.
Benefits: Helps stretch out the entire hip area, strengthens leg muscles, increases balance (when practiced standing).

Lori Whitby demonstrating a combination of chair and pigeon pose.


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