Summer’s over – but don’t give in to gloom!

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Here they come again: grey days, foggy, muggy and murky mornings, sludge, mud and the days to be spent stuck indoors… If you can feel those thoughts creep up on you already and you find little solace in autumn fruits and fading sunshine, use these tricks to lift your spirits.

These have worked best for me whenever I felt blue after summers ended.

A nice warm bath can work wonders. Even if you don’t like stretching out in the bathtub, it’s still worth trying natural body care head to toe. Natural and pure vegetable oils will make your skin silky, while natural scents are much softer and more tender than the artificial perfumes.

A tot of people essential oils for refreshment or to relax (that’s how cinnamon and lavender essential oils have earned their reputation), or simply to get into a good mood with the help of the fruity, woody or floral scents.

If your mood suddenly slumps to the point that you no longer feel like going out at all – make an effort and get out there anyway so you can shake off the bad mood. Take a long walk outdoors (weather permitting), it’s best to do it in a park with lots of trees. If you can’t find such a place nearby, meet up with friends or go to the movies– even if you go alone. Give a good film a chance to amaze you!

However tempting it is to drive away the bad mood with sweets, resist it. Believe me, it’s not worth it. Ditch the habit of snacking, skipping meals and binging on ice cream and pizza – instead, pay attention to eating more frequently throughout the day while keeping the portions small each time.

Make sure there are always fresh vegetables and fruit on your plate – their natural colours, smell and aroma will refresh and cheer up everyone around.

Call on those well-stored flower waters to their job or use essential oils – the point is to have a new and pleasant scent await you when you enter your home.

Gently rolling lavender fields at the height of summer; the sweet scents of a wildflower meadow or an exotic aroma inspired by remote landscapes.

I hope these tips will help you to feel better as summer fades away into the fall season.

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