Supplier goes into animal feed to meet strong demand in the area

Callie Hermanson
Lakeside Leader

Farm feed and supplies have been a big hit among local hobby farmers.
Jesse Peters, owner of Sierra Industrial Ltd., now has a small farm feed and supply area inside his business.
Peters says after bringing in farm feed for his own personal use, residents caught wind. He says people would come to the store asking if he has feed for sale.
Peters says after that he decided to bring in farm feed to sell as there were no other store in the area.
It is well liked, says Peters because people like the convenience of not having to drive into Westlock or High Prairie.
Some of the brands that Sierra is selling includes HI-Pro feed, Canadian Agri-Blend, and Hoffmans.
“There is a high demand for Hoffmans because most people around the area are horse people. We are planning on expanding in the future, but for right now we are still feeling out the market.”
Peters says although the store is mostly stocked for hobby farmers he is carrying mineral supplements for cattle and horses, and there is even a small section of vet supplies such as vaccinations and antibiotics
Before anything could be sold, Peters says he had to deal with a bylaw issue. He says he was under the impression that his shop was zoned for farm and vet, but the Town of Slave Lake did not interpret it that way.
Peters had to make an appeal requesting to sell farm feed and supplies. The appeal went through with minor stipulations.
The town was worried about the storage of bulk chemicals such as fertilizers, says Peters, but there will not be any chemical storage on site. The ‘feed store’ has been open for the past few months and is located on 200B Caribou Tr SW, Slave Lake.

Jesse Peters with his feed supplies.

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