Surprise entry makes it a race for town council

Seven candidates for six positions

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

The speculation among the political gadflies watching the parade of nominees for town council positions last week had things down to this: Six candidates for six councillor positions, and only one running for mayor.
How it turned out was correct on the latter assumption but wrong on the first.
Tyler Warman will have another term as mayor, thanks to nobody wanting to run against him. On the council side, seven people will vie for the six positions. Local businessman Khadim Hussain was the unexpected candidate – one of three newcomers to the scene. The other two – Rebecca King and Shawn Gramlich – had made their intentions known well ahead of time. It was also known that incumbent councillors Darin Busk, Joy McGregor, Brice Ferguson and Julie Brandle planned to run again. Their colleague Phil Lokken held his cards close to his chest until the last minute, deciding not to seek re-election.
When that news came through, it was looking as if there wouldn’t be an election for anybody. But then in walked Mr. Hussain and things got interesting again. There’ll be an actual campaign. Candidates will have to make an effort to put their ideas out there. They’ll participate in a forum and answer questions from the public.
Speaking of which, the Slave Lake & District Chamber of Commerce has set Monday, Oct. 2 as the date for its all-candidates’ forum. Location is the Slave Lake Inn (upstairs) at 7:00 p.m.
Warman reached after nominations closed, said he’s happy so many of the current council members chose to run again, as well as pleased to see some new faces in contention.
“We’ve had a really good group that’s been progressive and works worked well together and I think we’ll be productive moving forward. That being said, it’s great to have new ideas. Voters have some good options.”
The election is on Monday, Oct. 16. Voters will be electing the council that will serve them for the next four years.

Warman: mayor for another term


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