Suspicious person flees on bike

Slave Lake peace officer update
September 10, 2020


On August 28, 2020, while on routine patrol, a peace officer observed suspicious behavior of an individual getting into a vehicle. The suspicious person watched as the peace officer drove by, then backed out of an angle parking, against the flow of traffic and drove away. The peace officer conducted a traffic stop.
The driver was operating a motor vehicle with no insurance and no registration.
His vehicle was seized. He is scheduled to appear in court in November.

On September 1, 2020, a peace officer on patrol observed a motorist going through the red light on Highway 2 and 88.
The peace officer activated his emergency equipment to conduct a traffic stop on the west bound vehicle. The officer observed the motorist giving gestures through the back window of the vehicle. The offending vehicle then took evasive actions to avoid being pulled over.
Due to public safety, the officer discontinued his attempt to stop the motorist and returned to regular patrol. Details of the motorist were given to the RCMP in the event they found the car.
Moments later, the same peace officer observed the offending vehicle fueling up. The traffic stop resumed. The operator of the motor vehicle was charged for going through a red light and charged under the Traffic Safety Act for failing to pull over for a peace officer. She is scheduled to appear in court in November.

On September 3, 2020 at approximately 9 a.m., peace officers were dispatched to a complaint at the Multi-Rec Center of a suspicious person.
Attending officers found the individual in question on a bike. He fled the scene. Officers engaged in a foot chase resulting in the eventual capture of the suspect. During the course of the arrest, one officer sustained minor injuries.
The suspect was found to have had several outstanding warrants for his arrest and was breaching several Criminal Code conditions. The suspect was remanded into custody and now faces numerous Criminal Code charges including obstructing peace officers and breaching conditions.

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