Sustainability, accountability high on Lukan agenda

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Ronnie Lukan says running for town council is something he’s been thinking about for a number of years, but was too busy to do anything about it.

Now, he says, “My time allows me to do it.”

So that’s what he’s doing, rounding out a robust field of 14 candidates for the six councillor spots, to be decided on Oct. 18.

“I think I can add something,” Lukan continues. “My family’s been in the area for just about 100 years. I’ve got experience in real estate, in construction.”

Lukan has a couple of areas of focus he’d like to tackle if elected. One he calls ‘sustainability.’ In common with some of his fellow candidates, he thinks Slave Lake is due for an economic boom, based on the oil industry.

That will be good for all kinds of folks, “but we also have to have people who can afford to live here who don’t work in the oilpatch,” he says. He has a ready example; a person who was all set to come to work for the municipality, but couldn’t find a place he could afford to live.

On the accountability side of things, Lukan says he doesn’t want to speak ill of town administration, but he thinks there are some areas there that “need to be cleared up.”

Another thing on Lukan’s mind is the Mat Program shelter for homeless people. It’s important, he says, but “it’s got to be done properly,” by which he means in the right location, and with support from the community.

Getting back to Lukan’s experience that he thinks gives him an edge, he says he served on the fire department for several years, and reffed hockey games for many as well.

“It gives you a thick skin!” he says.

It also gave him a chance to get to know a lot of kids – some of whom might be voting on the 18th!

On the campaigning side of things, Lukan isn’t keen on putting up signs, but says “I talk to a lot of people every day.”

Lukan is married to Sarah and they have two children. He’s an electrician by trade, but doesn’t work in the field.

“I’m an entrepreneur,” he says.

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