Take a book, leave a book, at St. Pete’s

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

Good news for the book-starved among us; a local church is developing a lending library to help folks get through this time of isolation and library closure. On the list we saw last week there were 122 titles in various genres, stored and ready for lending at St. Peter’s Ecumenical Church.

Dave Symington is the guy who got the project going, with what he calls a box of “seed books.” The idea is people who borrow a book or books are encouraged to also bring and drop one or more off to keep the collection going.

Of course with the COVID situation, it’s not quite as simple as that. Donated books have to have a ‘quarantine’ period, after which they can be lent out. And people aren’t able to walk in and grab a book. It has to be arranged ahead of time.

So…to keep this short, give Mr. Symington a call at 780-849-2114, or email [email protected] Ask for a list of available books.

Authors in the collection include Ian Ferguson, Eva Carney, Carol Shaben, Tom Clancy, Ken Follett, Mark Haddon, Khaled Hosseini, Ian McEwen, Debbie Macomber, Wilbur Smith, James Michener, John Grisham, Julia Child, Andy Weir, Malcolm Gladwell and Isaac Asimov.

Photo courtesy of Pastor Blessing Shambare.

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