Talking about snow removal, reluctantly

Will we talk about snow removal this week? It’s rough when you have a hard time getting through some spot where the wind has caused it to build up. Your Leader reporter actually got stuck in deep snow at 4th Ave. and 2nd St. NE last Monday. That’s what not having winter tires will get you.
No sense complaining about what the town is or isn’t doing, though. Those guys are putting in the hours and plowing according to a work plan. It’s never enough and there are bad spots that have to be endured.
Flying off the handle and accusing them of gross incompetence (or whatever) does no good and in fact does harm to morale. Nobody is getting anything more without paying more taxes, and that’s pretty much what it comes down to.
But of course conditions change and by the time this went to press freezing rain was more the issue, and why wasn’t the $#@! town doing a better job of sanding sidewalks? Our view on this is the town is doing a pretty good job on sidewalks, but is not responsible for most of them. It’s the adjacent property owners (many of them) who are really dropping the ball on sidewalks. We could name names.

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