Team of New Brunswickers here to help out Pastor Peggy

Making an impact in the community

Joe McWilliams
Lakeside Leader

It helps to have friends in high places. Also – in the case of Pastor Peggy Yetman of Slave Lake’s Wesleyan Church – in places like Fredericton, New Brunswick. Last week, Scott Wood and a team of a dozen or so missionaries showed up in Slave Lake to help Pastor Peggy get some things done in the community and with the church. When The Leader dropped by they were setting up a community barbecue at the little church on 5th St. NW.
“The team are all volunteers,” Wood says. “From Fredericton and one from Sussex New Brunswick.”
Wood himself is a part-time church pastor and the founder and operator of an international relief organization called ‘Boaz International Lighthouse Ministries.’ He says he and Yetman became acquainted on a relief visit to Haiti a couple of years ago, where, “she saw how we operate.” Recently she got in touch and told him she’d “love to have you bring a Boaz team,” to Slave Lake.
So what are they going to do here? Wood says on their first day they went on “a tour of Slave Lake,” which included introducing themselves to people. Building relationships is what they do, he says.
“Everybody has a story,” he says, adding, “There’s a lot of pain in this world.”
“I’m glad they’re here!” says Yetman.

Peggy Yetman

Ready to serve

A mixture of Slave Lake Wesleyan Church members and Boaz International Lighthouse team members from New Brunswick, on the steps of the church last week.

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