Tentative plans for summer events, including Riverboat Daze

Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce

May 31, 2021

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

Shop Slave Lake

The board approved moving ahead with the Shop Slave Lake initiative, said Chamber executive administrator Kimberly Hughes. However, since then she’d come across a grant opportunity and different ways that other Albertan Chambers are supporting shop local. Therefore, she is doing a bit more research and hopes to have a plan to propose at the next meeting.

The goal is to initiate a Shop Slave Lake campaign which is “easy and seamless,” she said. Something that is “well planned and thought through.”

Customer Service

Chamber president and Community Futures executive director Josh Friesen reported on the Customer Service initiative. It is still in the development phase, but the plan is to have training ready by fall 2021.

Advocacy Committee

The advocacy committee is waiting for the upcoming strategic planning meetings to identify priorities. If anyone is interested in being on this committee or other committees, email Hughes at [email protected]

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning will be in June. Once a facilitator is chosen, invitations will be sent out. Through meetings or surveys, the plan is to get feedback from Chamber membership and other interested groups such as municipalities, nonprofits and major industries.

Board of Trade

The Slave Lake and District Chamber of Commerce is registered with the provincial government. There is also a federal Board of Trade. Organizations can be registered with both.

“We’d like to protect our own area,” said Robin-Lee Vance. Therefore, the Chamber is applying to be the board of trade for the Slave Lake area. This is a one-time application with a yearly reporting criteria.

Upcoming Events

Riverboat Daze – will be in August. If Alberta is in Stage 3 of the COVID-19 restrictions, this will include a parade, fireworks, and possibly a small scale block party. There will be no fair rides.

One weekend each in July and August, will be a ‘town-wide sidewalk sale.’ This may line up with other events. The Canadian Tire Anglers Cup was suggested as a possibility, but this is June 18 to 19, so too early.

The Business Excellence Awards will be at the beginning of Small Business Week in October. The Legacy Centre is booked. At the meeting, various businesses volunteered to sponsor the awards they usually do. The hope is to have an in-person event, but a virtual one will be planned as well, just in case.

Expander Energy

Gord Crawford from Expander Energy and Ken Vanderwell from Vanderwell Industries presented on the expected low-carbon diesel plant next to Vanderwell mill. The plant should open either the end of 2022 or beginning of 2023, but construction hasn’t started yet. It will convert natural gas and forestry waste into diesel. The final stage, which is expected to start in 2024, will be carbon-neutral.

An important aspect of the project is it doesn’t compete with food, said Crawford.

The initial phase is expected to employ 10 to 12 people. If all goes well, the diesel plant may expand.

Next Meeting

The next Chamber meeting is June 28, from noon to 1 p.m. To attend, register on myslavelake.com.

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