That’s love: St. Mary students reach out to seniors

Pearl Lorentzen
Lakeside Leader

“Love means that somebody cares about you and hugs you. Hugs and kisses!” – Oliver K. Preschool student at St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School.

Oliver K.

St. Mary’s preschool and Kindergarten students are working on a Valentine’s art and video project for seniors in Slave Lake. The project is the brain child of Lesley Haney, St. Mary’s early childhood facilitator.

“The main goal is just to connect our community,” she says, “encouraging my students to understand love in the context of community.”

With COVID-19 restrictions, the students cannot visit seniors in Points West Living, Vanderwell Heritage Place, or the Slave Lake long-term care. However, once the art projects have been quarantined they will be given to these places along with a video where the kids answer five questions about love.

“I tried to pick questions that were open ended,” says Haney. “It allows them to reflect and give their own flair on each answer.”

The projects include water colour painting and making Valentines.

“Community involvement” is one of many “developmentally appropriate goals for the youngest children in our school” and a way to “demonstrate love and the whole ‘heartfulness’ of such a wonderful community as Slave Lake.”

As a preview, the students all answered one question for the Leader. These will appear throughout the next few newspapers. (Here, on Page 14, and in the next two Kid’s Talks).

Sutton L. (Preschool) – “I love my cousins. I play games with them and we close doors when we’re too loud for our parents. My mom loves me because she cleans up with me and when I have a boo-boo she gives me a band-aid. My dad helps me throw things in the garbage can. Beau (brother) laughs when I tickle him. That’s love.”

Sutton L.

Tucker SC. (Preschool) – “I love my Dad. We play together and I help my mom and I give her hugs. But I don’t like kisses, I just wipe them off. With my Grandma and Grandpa we help horses and feed them food. I love horses and their babies.”

Tucker SC.

Amber B. (Kindergarten) – “Spending time with family and friends. Also making cards and drawing pictures for Valentines.”

Amber B.

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