The dandelion dilemma

It’s kind of funny the fuss people make about the humble dandelion. But there is no escaping its impact on lawns and playing fields, either. It is a dilemma and as reported in the June 13 Edmonton Sun, city hall there is taking a whole lot of heat over it.
The complaints are about the state of playing fields. You can mow them twice a week, and the dandelions can grow six inches overnight. So people end up playing baseball and soccer in tall weeds.
What’s a municipality to do? The city, it was fairly recently reported, threw in the towel in the war against the dandelion. It wasn’t worth all the effort and expense and the gigantic and never-ending application of chemicals it entailed. The solution: keep it mowed and as long as it’s green, who cares.
But it doesn’t work. The dandelion grows 10 times as fast as grass and there you have it.
As usual, the complainers don’t realize that an increase in service levels equals an increase in taxes. Sure, the city (or town) can keep the weeds down. They’d have to mow every day during the height of dandelion season and that comes with a cost.
Every homeowner faces the same dilemma on a smaller scale. Maintaining a pristine grass lawn in the middle of an ocean of dandelions can only be done by the heavy and continuous use of chemicals, not to mention constant weeding and very frequent mowing. Is it even worth it?
Meanwhile, let’s acknowledge there are bigger problems in the world and move on.



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