The Lakeside Leader summer garden series

First edition

The weather sure has been unpredictable lately and many gardens are reaping the wrath of harsh winds, cold rain and even hail. You wouldn’t know it though at Karen Vanderwell’s yard, her flowers (pictured above) seem to be doing just dandy. If you are interested in being featured in the next edition of The Leader’s summer garden series, contact Katrina at 780-849-4380.


Another flower bed defeating the odds is Suzanne Labby’s where bright orange and pink flowers are enjoying the sunshine.


Labby is also growing quite the variety of veggies in her backyard garden, including carrots, beets, lettuce, tomatoes and much more.


Ted and Dianne Cofer’s backyard oasis that has an abundance of flowers, fruits and veggies (even white cucumbers and black tomatoes!)

Pretty in pink at Sheri Smears.


Another beauty in Smears’ garden.


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