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Meanwhile, in non-pandemic news….. we’ll have to get back to you. It’s hard to find anything that isn’t related to the big virus scare.
It has been suggested, however, that it might be helpful to one’s general peace of mind to limit the intake of coronavirus news. We’d like to help with that and we’re working on it!

Lately at The Leader, we’ve been treated daily to the sound of golf clubs striking golf balls. The sound comes to us courtesy of the air vents in the ceiling, which connect to Chad Caron’s Golf Shack behind the Rexall. People are whacking away there and by the sound of it enjoying themselves very much. It comes through pretty clearly. So what we’re wondering is if you spend a few weeks honing your simulator game, would it have any effect – positive or negative – on your swing once you get out on the real course? The two experiences can’t be identical. But what do we know. Your Page 9 scribbler could never hit a ball straight at Gilwood to save his life, under any conditions.

Eastlink took the trouble to contact us, so we’ll pass on the gist of what the company is announcing: it is offering faster Internet service to its customers via a service it calls ‘Gigabit.’ Details on what exactly this is and how it works were not included in the release.

What else is happening? Well, the campaign teams of the various candidates for leader of the Conservative Party of Canada are busy trying to dig up dirt on their opponents. Our dislike for this sort of thing is such that we hate to participate in it. On the other hand, how do you know some of it isn’t legitimate? And by ignoring it, are you adding to the problem? Party members get to vote on June 27. At the moment there are only two approved candidates – former cabinet minister in the Harper government Peter Mackay and Ontario MP Erin O’Toole. There may be others; there are certainly a few ‘contenders’ but they haven’t met the minimum requirements yet, I.e. – cash and signatures.
If you plan on voting, you have to purchase a party membership. If you’re going to participate by voting, it would be a very good idea to read up on the candidates, follow the news closely, get as much background as you can and so on. The truth is out there.

Those of us hooked on reading books as a way of filling the idle hours are happy to hear that the public library – although closed – is researching ways to deliver services in non-traditional ways. That’s good, because if some of those avid readers don’t have a book to read, they might discover television, and never come back to reading. We’ve seen it happen.

We happen to know people are still ice fishing. The weather has cooperated – or at least was up to the time of this writing. What we hadn’t heard was that anybody on Lesser Slave was having much luck in the way of catching actual fish. But maybe only the unlucky ones were talking. One of them was a guy from the city who had called The Leader office a while back, asking us if we could put him in touch with somebody who rents shacks. So we did and thought no more about it. A week or two later we get a call. It’s him, and he’s not happy.
“I’ve been out here for four days and I haven’t gotten a single bite!” he said. Sorry about that.

Thanks to binge-buying and hoarding (you know who you are), some people were getting down to their last rolls of toilet paper last week. At The Leader, we usually buy in small amounts from Rexall right next door. But the shelves were bare day after day. Things were getting desperate and those old copies of The Leader were looking likely for re-purposing. But Sobey’s came through at the last minute. Thanks! We’re good now for a week or two at least. Keeping the old papers around though, just in case.

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